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Dec 26, 2015 Hide and Seek is by far the most popular and easily recognizable custom game mode currently played in League of Legends, claiming its crown after ARAM graduated from Custom to RiotEndorsed. This is a 5 vs. 2 Game Mode. 5 Hiders on the Blue team and 2 Seekers on the Purple team. Seekers have 40 minutes to kill each Hider 5 times. hide and go seek rules league of legends

Rules. Both teams have 3 5 players and play on the map Summoners Rift. Champ Selection is in Draft Mode. The game is played in 4 rounds, there's always a seeking and a hiding team, at the beginning the blue team seeks, and should go to the visible center of the map before 1: 00. Now the hiding team has 40 seconds to hide.

At the 5 minute mark everyone returns to base immediately. (Note: this is the only time minions can be attacked. ) Phase 2: The Hiders now immediately leave their base after buying and hide. Seekers must wait until the 7: 30 mark to leave base. The game begins! Global Rules: 1. Banned Champions: Evelynn, Teemo, Kassiden 2. hide and go seek rules league of legends

Okay so here is the Rules for Hide and Seek, in Dominion. General Rules! This is a 5v2 Game, 5 Hiders, and 2 Seekers. Seekers have 40 minutes to kill each hider 5 times. The objective of the game is Of course, to Hide And seek. The whole point is to actually hide not run reveal your self on purpose it ruins the objective of the game. # Hide Seek! The game is played by 5 Hiders and 2 Seekers, Hiders have 5 lives and will hide in the map and try to escape Seekers, Hiders can't attack Seekers, but they may use their CC abilities (slow, stun, etc. ) on them, Seekers have to find and kill all the Hiders 5 times each in 40 minutes to win RULES Before starting, Hiders and Seekers have to farm minions without attacking Nov 25, 2012 Whether you're looking for reveal articles for older champions, or the first time that Rammus rolled into an OK thread, or anything in between, you can find it here. When you're finished, check out the boards to join in the latest League of Legends discussions. GO TO BOARDS hide and go seek rules league of legends Apr 03, 2016 HIDE AND SEEK WITH BABKI, CLOUDTH, SYNERGISTICHE, ZXYY, GENESIS AND TURTLE! Previous Video: BROKEN BLUE BUFF, GOSU, WATCH OUT! Highlights& Funny Moments# 1 League of Legends wfriends! Rules The game will be on summoners rift draft mode in a custom. Two seekers and Five hiders. All of the hiders will take smite and whichever other summoner spells they want. The Seekers can take any summoner spells they want and any champ. Once you get into the game the seekers can farm minions for as long as they want and in any lane. Unfortunately, his damage and mana cost nerfs have significantly decreased the viability of this build as a seeker. If any of you have any questions about this list, I'd be more than happy to discuss them. Again, all of this is assuming that my set of Hide and Seek rules are the ones being used. Sep 27, 2005 How to Play Hide and Go Seek. Hide and Go Seek is a game where the players attempt to conceal their location while others try to look for and find them. It's pretty basic, but different variations have also evolved throughout the years.

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